Teatr Wielki Opera Narodowa
Paweł Szymański

Born in Warsaw in 1954, finished studies in composition with Włodzimierz Kotoński. Lives and works as an independent artist in Warsaw. Important compositions: K. for orchestra (1972); Epitaph for two pianos (1974); String Quartet (1975); Limerics for violin and harpsichord (1975, version for flute, violin and cello – 1979); Partita I for orchestra (1976); Kyrie for boys‘ chorus and orchestra (1977); Intermezzo for chamber ensemble (1977); Partita II for orchestra (1977-78); Gloria for female chorus and orchestra (1979); La Foglia for quadro or stereo tape (1979); Ten pieces for string trio (1979); …under the plane tree… for quadro or stereo tape (1980); Villanelle for alto tenor, two violas and harpsichord to James Joyce’s text (1981); Four Liturgical Compositions for soprano and orchestra (1980-81); Two Compositions for string quartet (1982); Sonata for an instrumental ensamble (1982); Crux Fidelis for quadro tape (background music for the exhibition ”The Sign of the Cross in Art“ – Church of God’s Mercy, Warsaw, 1983); Appendix for piccolo flute and other instruments (1983); Two Illusory Constructions for clarinet, cello and piano (1984); Lux Aeterna for voices and instruments (1984); Partita III for amplified harpsichord and orchestra (1985-86); Track for piano (1986); Two Etudes for piano (1986); Partita IV for orchetra (1986); Through the Looking Glass…I for chamber orchestra (1987); Through the Looking Glass…II for quadro tape (1988); A Study of Shade for orchestra (1989, version for a full orchestra 1992); A Kaleidoscope for M.C.E. for cello solo (1989, version for solo violin 1997); quasi una sinfonietta for chamber orchestra (1990, version for a full orchestra 2000); Sixty Odd Pages for orchestra (1991); a due for two violins (1991); Five Pieces for string quartet (1992); Two Studies for orchestra (1992); Miserere for voices and instruments (1993); Three Pieces for recorders with metronome accompaniment (1993); Through the Looking Glass…III for harpsichord solo (1994, version for harpsichord and string quartet 1994); Concerto for piano and orchestra (1994); Bagatelle für! A.W. for violin, clarinet, tenor saxophone and piano (1995); Sonat(in)a for piano (1995); In Paradisum deducant te Angeli… motet for male choir (1995); Two Melodies for piano (1995); Recalling a Serenade for clarinet, two violins, viola and cello (1996); Film Music for orchestra (1996); Photo from a Birthday Party (Silesian Quartet with Bartók’s Shadow) for string quartet (1998); Viderunt omnes fines terrae for boys‘ choir and ensemble (1998); Prelude and Fuga for piano (2000); Three Songs to Trakl’s Poems for soprano and chamber orchestra (2002); version for soprano and piano 2002; version for alto and piano (2004); Chlorophaenhylohydroxipiperidinofluorobutyrophaenon for chamber ensemble and other sounds (2002); Compartment 2, Car 7 for vibraphone, violin, viola and cello (2003); Concerto a 4 for clarinet, trombone, cello and piano (2004); Singletrack for piano (2005); Qudsja Zaher opera in two acts (2005); Gigue for cello solo (2006); Ceci n’est pas une uverture for orchestra (2007); Eaals (Oomsu) for orchestra (2009); a piú corde for harps and piano (2010); Φυλακτηριον (Phylakterion) for sixteen voices and percussion instruments (2011); Four Hevelian Dances for organs and two choir organs (2011).

Photo: Jan Bebel