Teatr Wielki Opera Narodowa
Polish National Ballet


One of the most beautiful lyric comedies in contemporary ballet repertoire. The complicated adventures of Shakespeare’s characters in the real and dream worlds are told brilliantly in the language of dance. The ballet is a perfect expression of the spirit of the play, it beguiles with its meticulous narrative, the choreographer’s creativity and... brilliant interpretations by the Polish National Ballet’s soloists. The three worlds in which the Shakespearian characters move are reflected here both on the stage and in the music. Passions are interspersed with fun, twists and turns of love with coarse street-theatre wit, and all of this is presented with empathy, charm and humour. This poetic tale of romantic confusion in real life and in the fantasy elf world is possibly the most beautiful show designed by American choreographer John Neumeier. A magical production indeed.

Photo: Ewa Krasucka

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